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Vocaloid foro! - Romeo & Cinderella

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Vocaloid foro! => Peticiones de videos para ser subtitulados por MMP => Romeo & Cinderella
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Mineirretty (Visitante)
13-03-2012 18:02 (UTC)[citar]
I am having iphone 4 and windows 7 in my computer
I want to transfer several hindi audios from my laptop to my iphone
Pz tell the way to transfer it
as well,
i have tried 2 softwares
first is itunes and another one is iphone transfering tool
plz inform what steps i need to get to transfer
emendania (Visitante)
15-03-2012 09:10 (UTC)[citar]
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Resource:Benefits of Architectural 3D modeling in Design and Construction
emendania (Visitante)
17-03-2012 19:33 (UTC)[citar]
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emendania (Visitante)
20-03-2012 11:47 (UTC)[citar]
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IninlyAlalilk (Visitante)
20-03-2012 15:18 (UTC)[citar]
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